The architecture of Neptune Wave Power's wave energy conversion device (WECD) is based on a modular design for ease of construction, transportation, deployment, mooring, and maintenance.  This modular design also protects all moving parts from sea water and the elements through a unique double hull design.

Some of the key specifications include:

  • Water depth for deployment:                     25-75+ meters
  • Distance from shore for deployment:        1-5+ kilometers
  • Distance between buoys once deployed:  50 meters, center to center
  • Peak power per buoy                                 225+ KW
  • Net capacity factor:                                    30-75%
  • Power availability per grid:                         Increases based on array size
  • Maximum array size:                                  Unlimited
  • Wave heights:                                            1 - 10+ meters
  • Expected life of buoy:                                30 years

Our buoys are deployed in arrays and are fully scalable.  There are no emissions, no fuel costs, and low maintenance and monitoring costs.  The electricity costs generated with this technology are competitive with any alternative generation method including wind.