Waldron Engineering

Waldron Engineering

Waldron Engineering and Construction, Inc. provides engineering expertise throughout all phases of energy generation and distribution projects, from conceptual phase studies through design to final commissioning and testing.  Over the years, Waldron has built a strong reputation providing both very customized as well as turnkey project solutions to its diverse clients.  Throughout its existence, Waldron has executed succesfully over 600 projects for more than 200 clients in a variety of sectors such as government, pharmaceutical companies, renewable energy, merchant plants, consumer products, hospitals, and steam distribution systems.   Waldron was founded in 1992 and is based in Exeter, New Hampshire.


Waldron is responsible for the detailed design and engineering blueprinting of the electrical, hydraulic, controls, and mechanical subsystems of the company's hydrokinetic energy conversion technology.  In addition, Waldron provides oversight for the company's manufacturing processes as well as on-site construction and project management as we deploy our technology around the world.

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