Waldron Engineering Becomes Equity Partner in Neptune Wave Power

Waldron Engineering Becomes Equity Partner in Neptune Wave Power


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Waldron Engineering Becomes Equity Partner in Neptune Wave Power

Waldron Engineering To Provide R&D and Engineering Services

Dallas, Texas July 2, 2009 - Neptune Wave Power (Neptune) announced today that Waldron Engineering and Construction (Waldron) has become an equity partner in the Company.  As part of this investment, Waldron will also provide R&D and engineering services to support the development, manufacturing, and deployment of Neptune’s wave energy conversion technology.

“Waldron is honored to join Neptune and bring this promising technology from intellectual property to commercial reality,” said Terry Waldron, Founder and President of Waldron Engineering.  “Waldron will continue to improve the technology with the goal of achieving the lowest fully loaded (i.e., busbar) cost for renewable technologies.” 

“Waldron’s extensive expertise in electrical, hydraulic, controls, and mechanical systems significantly strengthens our ability to bring our technology to market,” said Monty Montgomery, President and CEO of Seadyne Energy Systems, Neptune’s predecessor company.  “In addition, Waldron’s project management and oversight capabilities in manufacturing and construction will further enhance our ability to deploy our technology around the world.” 

About Waldron Engineering and Construction

Waldron Engineering and Construction provides engineering expertise throughout all phases of energy generation and distribution projects, from conceptual phase studies through design to final commissioning and testing.  Throughout its existence, Waldron has successfully executed over 600 projects for more than 250 clients in a variety of sectors such as government, pharmaceutical companies, renewable energy, merchant plants, consumer products, hospitals, and steam distribution systems.   Waldron Engineering was founded in 1992 and is based in Exeter, New Hampshire.

About Neptune Wave Power

Neptune Wave Power has developed patented technology that will produce cost-effective commercial quantities of electric power using a generation system harnessing kinetic energy from ocean waves.  The generation cost compares favorably not only with that of other generation systems such as wind power or alternative proposed wave energy capturing devices, but with many other conventional power sources as well.  Neptune Wave Power is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.


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