Seadyne Successfully Tests Wave Conversion Technology

Seadyne Successfully Tests Wave Conversion Technology


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Seadyne Successfully Tests Wave Conversion Technology

Seadyne Deploys 1/5-Scale Prototype of its Wave Conversion Technology in Galveston, Texas

Dallas, Texas, July 7, 2007  - Seadyne Energy Systems, LLC (Seadyne) announced today that it successfully deployed its 1/5th sized prototype wave energy conversion device (WECD) three miles off of the Texas Gulf Coast near Galveston.   Sea conditions were 3’ plus, which constituted ideal conditions.  The power output exceeded initial expectations and the data transmission system and video capture helped validate the overall concept.

"We observed the buoy for a period of around three hours to validate our simulations to date," said David Cancilla, Vice President of Engineering.  "It was very exciting to finally observe in a real life environment what we have been conceptualizing over the last few months.  As a result, we are very excited about the future for this technology."  

About Seadyne Energy Systems

Seadyne is the intellectual property development company that developed a variety of designs and a number of patents that are now owned by Neptune Wave Power.  These designs and patents are being used in the development of state-of-the-art ocean wave energy conversion devices that are at the core of Neptune Wave Power's products and services.

Seadyne and Neptune Wave Power are headquartered in Dallas, Texas.


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