Seadyne Energy Systems Announces Formation

Seadyne Energy Systems Announces Formation


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Seadyne Energy Systems Announces Formation

Seadyne Energy Systems Formed to Pursue Ocean Wave Power Technology

Dallas, Texas, October 15, 2006 – Seadyne Energy Systems announces the formation of its LLC today.  Founded By William S. Montgomery, Steve Hench, William Hench, and Scott Hench, the company was formed to develop and commercialize technology created by Steven Hench, a physicist formerly with the Los Alamos National Laboratories.  The invention is a method for producing commercial quantities of grid compatible electricity using ocean wave energy.

Montgomery has had prior success in commercializing a product from initial concept to national market penetration, and is experienced in the patent field, with two issued patents and a third pending.  He also has more than 30 years experience in the energy and manufacturing areas.  William Hench was a senior project manager for General Dynamics on the Comanche Peak nuclear power plant, the last nuclear power plant constructed in the US.  Scott Hench has a long history in the industrial sales and marketing space.

“We are very excited about the creation of a renewable source of energy from the oceans.  They offer an effectively unlimited source of power if we can harness that energy,” said Montgomery.   Although there are several companies that are in the wave energy conversion device arena, we feel that our technology has the possibility to be more cost effective and even less than wind power.  The industry is in its infancy.”

A patent has been filed and the company recently opened offices in Dallas, Texas.

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