9 Jun 2012 - Ireland Continues to Invest In Ocean Energy

9 Jun 2012 - Ireland Continues to Invest In Ocean Energy

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) is responsible for developing sustainable energy structure and technologies in Ireland.  As part of their charter, they are also responsible for the development of Ocean Energy in Ireland and related test facilities.  The SEAI is investing heavily in developing a full scale pre-commercial wave energy test facility off the west coast of Ireland, and a ¼ scale open sea wave energy test in Galway Bay currently operating.

The following are other facilities currently operating and being developed to support the wave energy industry:

Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site (AMETS)

  • Located at one of the premier wave resource sites in the world, AMETS is a proposed full scale pre-commercial wave energy test site in open sea conditions
  • AMETS will consist of two pre-approved test areas, at 50m and100m water depths
  • A range of data is available to assist developers, including full bathymetry and live and historical wave and weather data

Galway Bay ¼ Scale Test Site

  • The Galway Bay Test Site is ideally located in an area of ¼ scale open sea wave resources
  • A full range of wave and weather data, port facilities and technical support services are available to users of the site
  • The site is also uniquely co-located with the SmartBay project which is leading the way in developing and testing Marine ICT technologies

Hydraulics and Maritime Research Centre (HMRC)

A centre of excellence providing support to the maritime industry and fundamental Ocean Energy R&D. Their services cover:

  • Wave tank testing
  • Field testing
  • Resource assessment
  • Ocean energy economics
  • Licensing, policy, and environmental
  • Impacts
  • Electrical systems

Queens University of Belfast (QUB) Tidal Test Site

  • The QUB tidal test site has a current regime that is extremely strong and fast - up to 8 knots 
  • The bathymetric profile and the variation in current profiles at various locations permits scaled tests of tidal devices (1/10th scale)
  • QUB also has a Marine Science laboratory facility at Portaferry that provides logistical backup and office space during testing, including specialised software available for data analysis

Ocean Energy Development Unit (OEDU)

The OEDU, based in Dublin, coordinates all aspects of Ireland’s ocean energy strategy, covering areas including:

  • Industry development & support for Industry products and services
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Enhancement of research facilities
  • Support reform of the Planning and Consenting
  • Development e.g. Ocean Energy Supply Chain Analysis


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