25 Apr 2012 - Neptune Wave Power Partners with University of New Hampshire’s CORE

25 Apr 2012 - Neptune Wave Power Partners with University of New Hampshire’s CORE
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Neptune Signs Agreement with University of New Hampshire’s Center for Ocean Renewable Energy (‘CORE’) for Model 3 Deployment

Dallas, Texas, April 25, 2012 – Neptune Wave Power, LLC announced today that it has signed an agreement with the University of New Hampshire’s Center for Ocean Renewable Energy (‘CORE’) to deploy its Model 3 Wave Energy Conversion (‘WEC’) devices at CORE’s offshore test site.  Neptune’s first ocean trials of its patented technology will commence in May 2012.

CORE is a key center of expertise under the leadership of CORE Director, Kenneth Baldwin, Ph.D., Ocean Engineering, and a member of the New England Marine Renewable Energy Center (‘NEMREC’).  CORE has several assets that have been developed over the last fifteen years as part of UNH’s world class expertise in Aquaculture development.  An important one of these assets is an offshore test site located approximately six miles from the New Hampshire coast in 52 meters of water.  This site is just south of the Isles of Shoals and is the location for Neptune’s sea trials.  “We are very excited to assist Neptune Wave Power in this critical effort.  We believe we bring all the right assets and expertise to this project and look forward to a long working relationship.” said Dr. Baldwin.

 “The Center for Ocean Renewable Energy at UNH is uniquely qualified to assist Neptune with our scale Wave Energy Conversion (‘WEC’) device deployment.  In addition to the offshore test site, their knowledge and expertise related to ocean deployment, monitoring and retrieval of these types of devices will be invaluable,” said Edwin P. Mayfield, Jr., President of Neptune Wave Power. 

About Neptune Wave Power, LLC

Neptune Wave Power has developed patented technology that will produce cost-effective commercial quantities of electric power using a generation system harnessing kinetic energy from ocean waves.  The generation cost compares favorably not only with that of other generation systems such as wind power or alternative proposed wave energy capturing devices, but with many other conventional power sources as well.  Neptune Wave Power is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.  For more information, visit

About University of New Hampshire Center for Ocean Renewable Energy ‘CORE’

UNH’s CORE has expertise in ocean engineering, mooring design, device deployment and retrieval, and hydrodynamics modeling.  In addition, CORE has many physical assets including two research vessels under the management of UNH, a dedicated dock and launching facility, several onsite mooring components and a wave rider buoy to collect environmental data for detailed site information.  UNH CORE also operates a tidal energy test site in Great Bay Estuary where marine hydrokinetic turbines up to 4m in diameter can be deployed in tidal currents up to 2.5 m/s.


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