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Terence Waldron

Terence Waldron

Terence Waldron, PE, is the President and founder of Waldron Engineering & Construction.  In 1992, along with the other members of the founding team who are still at the company today, he formed Waldron Engineering, Inc.  Mr. Waldron quickly built a reputation providing best-in-class consulting and engineering services to the fast-growing merchant power industry. This laid the foundation for a broader array of services to eventually include the design of energy generation and distribution infrastructure tailored to the specific needs of a diverse client base.  Prior to starting Waldron Engineering, he started his career with Stone and Webster working in the nuclear industry. Foreseeing the decline in the nuclear marketplace, he changed his focus to the industrial side of the power industry with a specialization in combined heat and power plants.

In 1998, Mr. Waldron added another dimension to Waldron’s capabilities with the formation of Waldron Construction, LLC. The addition of equipment procurement and construction management services enabled Waldron to provide complete turnkey project solutions to its clients. In 2005, the two entities combined to form Waldron Engineering & Construction, Inc.  This move allowed Waldron to provide a single point of contact for its entire array of services.

To date, Mr. Waldron and the Waldron team have successfully executed over 650 projects for over 200 clients. Waldron’s multi-disciplinary team provides expertise through all phases of energy generation and distribution projects, from conceptual phase studies and design to final commissioning and testing.  But, he is most passionate about developing ideas for new energy technologies – some of which will soon come to fruition.

Mr. Waldron has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Mechanics from Columbia University's Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and is an active member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.  When not offering solutions to clients, he spends time with his wife and five children, enjoys running, rowing, biking and devouring historical novels.