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Steve Hench

Steve Hench

Mr. Hench has been involved in renewable and alternative energy research for more than ten years and has developed several patents for wave energy devices and related systems.

Prior to joining Neptune, he was a Senior Scientist with SAIC's Ocean Sciences Division.  From 1984 through 2006, he was a staff member of Los Alamos National Laboratory and was the founder of Advanced Media Systems. His roles at Los Alamos included participation in dozens of projects.  He received the Laboratory’s Distinguished Performer Award in 1987 after leading a project to transform the Laboratory’s 250-person media Division into the digital age by orchestrating the merging of its operations into a single super-center serving over 10,000 users.  He was also part of the nuclear weapons design program (X-Division) where he performed computational modeling of nuclear weapons.  He was also a contributor to several other projects including design of a multi-petabyte scale data management system for reconnaissance and surveillance purposes.

As founder of Advanced Media Systems, Mr. Hench pioneered the use of large-scale parallel architectures for data mining and computer animation. He also provided specialized consulting services to the animation industry for modeling of 4-D particle animation (snowstorm) and 3-D movie production.

Mr. Hench received Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Computing Science from Texas A&M University.